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Session Requirements
  • Your horse (body and legs) should be dry and clear of clumps of dirt and manure. Hoofs should be picked clean. If moderate grooming is needed, a charge of $10.00 will be added to the session.

  • Please have your horse prepared so we can get straight to work when I arrive.

  • Someone should be available at the end of each massage session to lunge / walk the horse to gradually cool the muscles and prevent post massage stiffness. If the owner or groom is not available I will lunge or walk the horse for an additional $10.

  • Stretching is an important part of a long-term program and is a great opportunity for the owner to enhance the relationship with their horse. I am also available to stretch your horse at the end of the session for an additional charge of $10.00.

  • Please provide 24 hours advance notice if your horse is unable to attend the session. Full charge will be applied if advance notice is not given.

Prevention Program Frequency

The effects of therapeutic massage are cumulative. While a single massage may be a nice treat for your equine, the benefits of a single treatment will diminish over time. Frequency depends upon the equine - their health, conformation, injury and medical history. I recommend that the average horse be massaged monthly to allow a regular check on muscular health and impact of training. We will work together to determine the best treatment plan for your situation. Typical treatment plans are listed below.

  • For horses at very high levels of competition or training, ​​I recommend weekly massages.

  • For horses at high levels of competition or training, I recommend bi-weekly massages.

  • For horses at moderate levels of competition or training, I recommend bi-weekly massages for 6 weeks then as needed.

  • For horses at low levels of competition or pleasure riding,  I recommend massages every 4 to 6 weeks or as needed.

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